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Fr. Benedict's reflection makes me think immediately of two items.  The first is the warm welcome that I receive every time I come to the monastery, whether it is for the Oblate Day, my annual retreat, or to work at the Fiesta/Festival.  Each year my retreat journal contains an entry that reflects on the genuine warmth and gladness at my being there that those who live at the monastery express when they first see me.  They are very willing to share themselves and their time with me.  Thank you, monastery community, for that. 

Second, the reflection reminds me of my obligation to and responsibility for hospitality.  Life is about relationships, no matter how casual the encounter.  Even the simple exchange with a clerk at the store counter is an opportunity to be with another.  Hospitality brings the opportunity to learn from the other and to have the other learn from me.  We bring healing and joy to each other.  We have all prayed "forgive us as we forgive others."  Now we are reminded to "receive as we have been received by our Prodigal Father."  Thank you, Fr. Benedict, for your reflection. 

Ken Siarkiewicz

My experience started with a white turkey named Alleluia, which means God be praised, is an expression of worship or rejoicing. Then I met Sister Carol and Father Louis. Both had lots of Wisdom and truly kept the rule of Benedict. We went to Mass under the trees. I became an Oblate under those trees, and my daughter Carmen became an Oblate when she was 15 years old.

Sister Carol and other members of the community started Catechism classes. I started going to as many prayers during the day as I could. I attended Healing Seminars, Holy Spirit Retreats, and all the lessons taught by different people that came out of town. The hospitality, the acceptance, and the kindness were more than I had ever experience.

We met a wonderful and famous lady singer. There were families at one time. Fr Alcuin was great, patient and witty. Fr. Henry was a very young man. Brother David went to be a missionary. One of the boys living at the Monastery took my daughter Carmen to the Prom since no Mormon boy was allowed to take her. Fr. Henry cooked  for an International dinner some things that look like pancakes, but very thin, at a function at the school where I was hired as a  token teacher because the school was being sued because they had too many Mormon teachers. Fr. Louis helped to cope with many, many put downs because of my religion. When my divorce happened, I received help from many, many people who came to the Monastery with different talents, and I was guided, prayed over and everyone never left me alone. I learned so much from the prayers of the day, especially Psalm 90 or 91.

Things like this will never be forgotten by me nor my family.

Thank you Sister Corinne for all the sharing and help that you provided while we went to college. I received my teaching degree and you received your Masters in Library Science. Thank you Brother Gary for the wonderful lunches that you provided when we went to college together. Thank you Pat for the wonderful time when we had  with the first Boutique and we had to plaster the walls of the small trailer with some mud that stunk so bad, yet it cover the walls just fine. Thank you Bob and Ellie for the wonderful hugs and friendship that you gave us.

I was even trusted to help digging up 3 graves.
Thank you for being such a wonderful family for me, especially in tough times.
Love, Peace and Joy
Dolores O. Knox   formerly  Dolores Mortenson

To All the WONDERFULL PEOPLE  at St Davids,  this email resonates the full spirit of all of you at the monastary. BLESS YOU ALL    
 stan in tubac


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