Holy trinity chronicles

After several years of silence, we are bringing back the Chronicles. Several people have requested and expressed an interest in knowing more about the daily activities of HTM. So, here are some of the activities of HTM outside of the daily routine.  


April 1 – EASTER Sunday
Fr. Jean Baptiste Kikwaya Eluo, SJ, from the Vatican Conservatory in Tucson celebrated Mass for us.  

April 2
Ann Cook is volunteering in the bookstore today as she does every Monday.  

April 5
A Yoga group, approximately 28 people came for a 4-day retreat.  

April 7
Oblate meeting was held today. Approximately 18 attended. Discussion was on Oblate obligation and the monastery’s responsibilities.  

The Dragoon Ranch home association had a day meeting.  

Patty Schueman is volunteering in bookstore today as she does every Saturday as well as filling in on other days.  

April 8
Fr. Chris Corbally, SJ, from the Vatican Conservatory, celebrated Mass for us today.  

April 9
Bill took 2 Rvers, at their request, to the orphanage in Nogales, Mexico. Oblate donated 50 pounds of beans and a visitor from Chicago donated a large box of new children’s clothes (store samples) which came from a manufacturer in Chicago. One of the RVers, Steve, is with us for a month and has volunteered daily to help in a variety of ways.  

April 10
Br. Gary and Tim installed a new ice machine for the dining room.  

April 13
The Good Book retreat group of about 55, from Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Tempe, came today for a 3-day retreat. This weekend, as weekends in the past, several oblates who do not live near HTM, volunteered to spend the weekend to help with the retreat. Thanks to Ken and Emily Siarkiewicz, Steve Liecht, Rick Henely and Mary Wise. Their help was greatly appreciated.  

April 15
Fr. Ray Palcisko who is a winter visitor in Naco (actually from Minnesota) celebrated Mass for us.

April 16
Jerry and Debbie Sherer flew in from Montana for a 2-day visit in anticipation of returning this fall for several months to volunteer as winter visitors.  

Paul Shay flew in from Nashville to volunteer with maintenance for a couple of weeks before returning home.  

April 17
Our faithful bakers, Ann Lee and Judy Tritz, from Sierra Vista, Our Lady of the Mountain’s parish came today and baked Benedictine Bread and Pecan Pies. Their help and hard work is always appreciated.  

Sr. Corinne’s daughter, Carol-Fair Kinsey, visited the monastery today.  

April 23
Mrs. Lora Diggins was buried in our cemetery today.  

April 26
Bennett O’Brien arrived from Texas as a volunteer for the next 3-months.  

April 27
Oasis at Rita Ranch group of 50 came for a 3-day retreat.  

Br. Sean Keating’s, OSB, sister and brother-in-law flew in from Dallas to visit his grave (and cleaned it).  

April 29
Fr. Jean Baptiste Kikwaya Eluo, SJ, from the Vatican Conservatory celebrated Mass for us.