VISION To provide a limited monastic experience to people in order to learn more about Benedictine spirituality, while living a simple life in community, and at the same time providing assistance with the monastery's ministries. By having this experience, individuals will develop a foundation for a richer spiritual life and find/explore their calling into some Church ministry in order to build up the Body of Christ.
MISSION The Holy Trinity Monastery volunteer program is established to provide opportunities for spiritual growth to individuals who serve and assist in the Monastery's various ministries. The HTM volunteer program utilizes the gifts of Oblates, living at the monastery and in the community; local volunteers and volunteers or associates from other lay ministry programs.
  • The Associate will experience Benedictine spirituality through daily work and prayer in community - ORA ET LABORA
  • The Associate schedule will provide time for the Divine Office, Scripture classes, personal prayer, spiritual reading and spiritual direction.
  • The Associate will have service assignments, which will support and maintain the monastery ministries, and work with other community members according to one's experience and interest, as well as the needs of the monastery.


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  • Community Life
    Living in community in a monastery is a simple way of life. Living with the necessities of life without excess frills. Having and using what is needed to maintain one's self. Living in community requires sharing prayers, household responsibilities, interests as well as assisting and supporting one another. To assist in the group dynamics of living in community there will be a weekly meeting of the associates
  • Spiritual
    The primary purpose of living in a monastic community is to enhance one's spirituality and to seek strength in one's journey. The Benedictine motto is Ora et Labora - pray and work. Benedictines pray and work in community. The day is centered on the Divine Office as well as Lectio Divina and spiritual reading. The primary chrism of the Benedictines is hospitality - seeing Christ in those who come to visit. To further enhance the associate's spiritual journey, he/she will have an opportunity to attend the monastery Scripture and Church History Classes. There is also an opportunity for spiritual direction.
  • Social
    An important part of living in community is becoming involved in the social activities of the monastery as well as having one's own social life. The associate is encouraged to be involved in the social activities of the associate community as well as the larger monastery community. The associate should become acquainted with sights, places, and activities in the local area. There will be opportunities for field trips to Missions, cultural and social activities as well as a trip to Mexico
  • Assignment(s)
    The associate will receive one or more routine assignments based on the associates experiences, interests and the needs of the monastery. On occasion, the associate may be called on to help in other areas when needs arise. The assignments will be made by the Associate coordinators, with the approval of the Prior. When on a work assignment the associate is responsible to the community member (monk, sister or oblate) who is responsible for that ministry. Work assignments are normally five days a week. Daily and weekly schedules should be worked out with the ministry supervisor.

Concerns, difficulties, conflicts are to addressed with the work assignment supervisor first, then with the program director.

For further information about either plan, please an Associate Program staff.

Most associates make a commitment for three or six months. If an associate would like to extend his/her commitment at Holy Trinity Monastery for another term a request should be made 60 days prior the end the scheduled term.

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Printable application forms can be filled out and returned to: 

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